If this is affects you, then you will know all too well that as a stammerer, you want to feel comfortable in your surroundings. It is an unfortunate fact that stammering displays itself externally and is therefore very difficult to mask. People are of no help when they finish your sentences however well-meant their intentions. What does help is for the listener to have the patience to wait and listen quietly whilst you finish speaking.

I recall vividly a situation whilst attending a seminar in my previous career. During the workshop on the first day, the lecturer announced that she would invite each individual in the room to share their name with the group along with the reason for attending the seminar. She eventually came to a delegate who was seated at the far right of the room, a middle aged man who unfortunately had a stammer which presented itself in its worst form. Thankfully, the lecturer knew to remain quiet and patiently waited for the gentleman to finish. My heart went out to him and yet there was absolutely nothing anyone could do to help him. As a stammerer it must have appeared that the rest of the class had spoken clearly with ease and actually, that was not the case. Stress levels are always heightened in these situations and it comes down to our own unique comfort zone and how we control our own personal stress levels.

The good news is, you learnt your stammer all by yourself and I can teach you techniques which will help you to un-learn it!

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