Stress and anxiety as a skill

It may seem an unusual concept at first, but NLP experts approach stress and anxiety by viewing them as a unique skill possessed by few people. They are seen as learned responses that an individual has taught themselves in a relatively short space of time.

Stress is nature’s way of making us more capable of physically defending ourselves, whilst anxiety is a modern phenomenon where the way in which we think triggers that same thought process. Stress and anxiety are the same state though the former operates in real time, and the latter is mostly a series of negative predictions and imaginings that spark the defence mechanism.

Today, stress and anxiety are two of the most common reasons doctors sign people off work. Some doctors will prescribe medication whilst I believe the best approach is to deal directly with the issue itself - no drugs. The techniques you will learn will prevent reoccurrence of the state.

I will explore and discover how you produce your exact state. Once this is established, we can start the intervention process. A stress free state of mind is a wonderful place and it is just a few thoughts away...
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