My treatment is highly effective and well recognized within the NLP community.  The majority of people treated will notice a difference right from the very first session.  Because this treatment is designed to collapse your phobia at a neurological level, there is no requirement to expose you to the stress of facing your fear.

The treatment is not a miracle cure and it is impossible to indicate what may be possible for you until I meet you and learn how your phobia was created.  You may not actually recall what triggered your phobia, or, perhaps you’ve only recently developed it. You may even have decided that your phobia is inherited.

If you have previously tried other types of therapy with no improvement, please contact me.  I do know how debilitating a phobia can be.  Long before my NLP journey, I had a phobia from the age of four years old and thanks to a great NLP practitioner, I’m very happy to say I am cured!

My consultation is free and it will allow me the time to explore your unique situation. Depending on the severity of your phobia, you might need just one session, or it may take a few more sessions preferable over a one month period. Either way, you will have home exercises to help reduce or rid your phobia.

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